When and how do I have to make the payments?

The contractor is obliged to pay the receipt at his home, at any ASSSA office, through the website or through his mediator, and will have a period of 30 days from the due date.

Said payment obligation is unique and throughout the duration of the policy, subject to splitting it in monthly, quarterly or half-yearly installments may be agreed in the private Conditions.

When a direct debit is established in the contract, the receipt will be sent for collection at the date of issue. If the direct debit receipt is returned by the Bank, ASSSA will notify you of this fact by letter or any other undisputed means, granting you a period of 30 calendar days to notify the Insurer in which way it will satisfy the due amount.

The first payment of the receipt shall be payable upon signing the contract. In case of fractionation, failure to pay any fraction of the receipt will entitle ASSSA to claim the amount of the total receipt that remains to be satisfied.

May I cancel a payment made by card?

The insured has 14 days to expressly request ASSSA to refund the amount paid.

How may I terminate the contract?

The policyholder may inform ASSSA of his/her wish not to renew the contract in writing. This notification must be made and received at least one month before the expiry date of the current period in order to be effective.

Information about Online Payment

When using the Virtual POS to make the card payment, you are redirected to a page controlled by the Banking Entity to make the payment through its payment gateway.

We inform you that the Virtual POS of the Banking Entity integrates the Secure Electronic Commerce (SEC) functionality during the payment process in order to provide high security and protection of payments.

The banking entity will collect, during the electronic payment operation, information regarding the connection and IP address, device information, browsing data and transaction data, as well as other accessible data of the online connection and the channel required by the VISA Secure / Mastercard Identity Check security protocols, in order to detect and prevent unauthorised or fraudulent payment operations.

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